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  • Amount per ml
    • Ferrous Sulfate- 50mg
    • Folic Acid- 80mg
    • Vitamin B3- 4mg
    • Vitamin B1- 450mcg
    • Vitamin B2- 450mcg
    • Vitamin B6- 450mcg
    • Vitamin B12- 5mcg
    • Taurine- 35mg



  • Iron + B- Complex supplement is used for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency due to bacterial, viral or parasitic infections and post- surgical blood loss. It is necessary in dog's diet for the assimilation of protein and fat.


Dosage and Administration:

  • For Dogs
    • Puppies- 0.25ml- 0.75ml
    • Small Breed- 0.5- 1ml
    • Medium- 1-2ml
    • Large- 2-3ml
  • For Cats
    • Kittens- 0.25ml- 0.50ml
    • Medium & Large Breed- 1-2ml

Ironsure Iron + B- Complex with Taurine 120ml

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