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  • Praziquantel 24.90mg + Esafoxolaner 3.60mg+ Eprinomectin 1.20mg
  • Antiparasitic (Anthelmintic/ Ectoparasiticide/ Endectocide)



  • For cats with, or at risk from mixed infections by cestodes, nematodes and ectoparasites.


Advice on Correct Administration

  • Use the applicator size adapted to the weight of the cat (0.3ml and 0.9ml).
  • Use scissors to cut the blister along the dotted line, then pull the lid away.
  • Remove the applicator from the package and hold it upright.
  • Pull back the plunger slightly, twist and pull off the cap.
  • Part the hair on the midline of the neck, between the base of the skull and the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.
  • Place the tip of the applicator on the skin and apply the entire content directly onto the skin in one spot. The product should be applied to dry skin on area where the cat cannot lick it off. In long hair breeds, special attention should be paid to apply the product onto the skin, and not the hair to ensure optimal efficacy.
  • Wash your hands after use.

Nexgard Combo for Cats Spot on Solution 0.3ml

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