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  • Composition:
    • Permethrin- 10mg
    • Neomycin (as Sulphate)- 3500 IU
    • Nystatin- 100,000 IU
    • Triamcinolone (as acetonide)- 0,908mg
    • Excipient q.s- 1g



  • In dogs and cats:
    • Treatment of mixed otitis externa of bacterial, fungal and parasitic origin respectively due to bacterial strains sensitive to neomycin, yeast or fungi sensitive to nystatin and ear mites sensitive to permethrin.


Route and Method of Administration

  • Auricular route.
  • In dogs and cats:
    • A pea-sized quantity by auricular route once daily for 21 days.
    • A pea-sized quantity corresponds to approximately 0.3g of ointment, containing 1050 IU of neomycin, 3.0mg of permethrin, 30000 IU of nystatin, and 0.3mg off triamcinolone accetonide. After cleaning the external ear, introduce a pea-sized quantity of Oridermyl and massage the base of the ear gently. Clean any surplus product from the ear flap.
  • Or as prescribed by a licensed Veterinarian.

Oridermyl Auricular Ointment 10g

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