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  • Bifidobacterium Lactobacilus
  • For longer life and strong resistance against diseases



  • Papi Ener-G is a probiotic supplement for better nutrient assimilation through effective digestion by invading the intestinal micro flora of probiotic beneficial microorganism. 
  • Papi Ener-G is best used at time of stress during travel, deworming, post-surgical procedure, post vaccination, non specific diarrhea and as aid during antibiotic therapy whereas depletion of beneficial bacteria occur.


Dosage and Administration

  • To be given once a day orally or can be mixed every 250ml of clean non chlorinated drinking water or as prescribed by veterinarian
  • Dogs
    • Puppies - 0.5ml to 1ml
    • Small breed - 3ml
    • Medium breed - 4ml
    • Large breed - 5ml
  • Cats 1ml to 3ml

Papi Ener-G Probiotic Supplement 60ml

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